Office for bureaucritic imagination – state of exception

The Office for Bureaucritic Imaginaion is a participatory speculative performance to rethink new laws for refugees.

The concept, “State of Exception”, is influenced by Giorgio Agamben’s notion of a space where the normal laws and regulations in society are suspended. This idea is borrowed for the performance, in which the status quo for refugee laws are questioned and new laws can be imagined.

13:00 – 15:00

The Choreography of Ice Cream by Alvin Arthur

 Alvin Arthur is currently graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven and will perform his graduation project ‘The Choreography of Ice Cream’ at the festival. With this performance   he celebrate the ice cream making culture of his caribbean roots through body movement.

15:00, 16:45 & 20:00

The Choreography of Ice Cream invites us here to celebrate the making process of Ice cream, by simply embracing our ability to move. The recipe is executed in five main stages, where the quality of the end product precisely depends on how well each task is performed. If one fails, there is no ice cream in the end!

As part of his cultural heritage from Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, Alvin Arthur translates how ice cream making, back home, is a strong ritual connected to movement and storytelling. The exact origin of the coconut sorbet in the Antilles remains unknown still today. We only know the first ice cube arrived there back in 1820, shipped in a boat coming from Boston.

Ice cream is a largely spread commodity that often creates many happy emotions within us, no matter where we come from. Though, this commodity is very iconic, in a society that glorifies instant gratification, hyper-accessibility. Here, it is about the act of collective making.”

About Alvin Arthur

“Coming from Guadeloupe, a butterfly in the Caribbean, I early understood that creating would bring me out of my land to connect with, and design for more people.

Having a product design background, I decided to develop a system thinking beside a material one, where I just want to choreograph larger processes from their earliest stage.

As main inspiration I chose ‘Education & Learning’ because I believe it is our introduction to culture, the base of most human behavior. Another passion I have is ‘Body Motion’ coupled with Technology, redundant in my work. The latter does also nourish an experimental ground for music and sound waves.”